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Lighter Side
A few weeks ago, a friend of mine (that plays guitar in our church praise band) posted a link to The Rabbit Room to Facebook. He was referencing in particular a blog entry by Andrew Peterson about the Harry Potter books.

For the general concept behind The Rabbit Room, read It's basically a gathering place for musicians and authors with a like-mind.

In case (like me) you don't know who Andrew Peterson is... he's a contemporary Christian musician that has been around for over 10 years. I hadn't exactly heard of him, but I was very familiar with one of his songs (Dancing in the Mindfields - YouTube) having heard it on K-LOVE.

Anyway, he is also an author of a fantasy series of books. He just released the third, and there is one more currently in the works. Reading his blog entry made me curious about his writing, so I ordered the first book of the trilogy.

It's similar in style to the Harry Potter series, and I really enjoyed it. It too is targeted at a younger age group, but I still enjoy a leisurely read. I liked the book so much that I have ordered the second two books that are out. Hopefully they'll come in before I head to Massachusetts on vacation...


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