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I'll be riding my first long ride of the season on Saturday. It's in Collierville, TN and will be between 63 and 68 miles. 62 miles is commonly called a "Metric Century" (100K), but I think that's stupid. I joke around with my friends that run that they only measure stuff in kilometers when they want the number to sound bigger. For instance, "I just ran a 5k" sounds way further than "I just ran 3.1 miles". That said, I've never run 3.1 miles at once in my life... :-)

My previous long ride of the year has been around 36 miles, but it was ridden significantly slower with my friend and his wife. When I'm not waiting up, I feel like I'll be able to ride more efficiently. Still, it's going to be a stretch for me to make it the whole 63 miles this early in the season. I rode 20 miles this morning at 15.85mph in preparation. I'll likely average between 12 and 14mph during the 63 mile ride.

Alison, Ruth, and I joined the local YMCA yesterday. Alison and I had been members for nine months or so before Alison got very pregnant and we kind of dropped out. This time, Ruth will be taking a special "swim" class for parents and toddlers that tries to get them used to being in the water.


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