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Phone Company (and AT&T)
Our original phone number finished porting over to Ooma last Friday, so we're now totally free and clear of the phone company (CenturyLink.) We also now have unlimited local and long distance when calling from our house. :-)

For the past 2 years, Alison has been using around 125MB of data a month on 3G on her various iPhones. When we went on the cruise in January, she emailed several photos from the road, and actually went over her 200MB maximum by around 6MB. Without telling her, I bumped her plan up to 2GB/month.

After the month cycled, her phone started having random data usage that was quite high. On one day in particular, it said she used 500MB. When asked about it, she didn't remember any usage that was different than what she has been doing the past few years (Facebook, email, web, etc.)

I called AT&T a few times trying to figure out what was going on (and also to try and get the now discontinued unlimited data plan back.) No one really helped me, and a couple of them told me that I just don't understand how data works... and that it was perfectly normal to use 1.6GB in two weeks just reading Facebook.

Long story short, I filed a complaint with the BBB. Even though they wouldn't give Alison unlimited data back, AT&T Corporate responded yesterday by giving us a 2 month credit on our bill (basically a total refund for EVERYTHING for two months.) That ended up being $226.70. Since we had AT&T remove Alison's phone from the system and re-register it, she's using around 7 - 10MB per day (doing the exact same thing.)


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