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lawson, alison
Many things have happened since my last LiveJournal post. I post to Facebook regularly (and even read here regularly), but keep forgetting to post things.

After we got back from Massachusetts, Alison decided it was time to potty train Ruth. She was good to go as far as #1 was concerned after 3 days, but getting her to do #2 (hehe) on the little frog potty has taken some work. She just went for the first time this past Saturday, and that's a major milestone. It's especially good since we're all headed to Disney World (with my parents) next Sunday. We'll be in Orlando for three nights and at Daytona Beach for two.

I finished the MS-150 yesterday... I averaged 13.26mph for the whole 150 miles, which was far better than I did last year. I think last year I averaged close to 10mph. I also burned 8400 calories, which is 14.5 foot-long ham subs at Subway.

I'm pretty tired still, and my muscles are all tight. I've got an appointment for an hour-long massage this afternoon, and I can't wait! :-)

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Wow, I forgot that race was coming up again. Awesome, Lawson!

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