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Gym and Ruth
lawson, alison
For those of you that don't know, I've been working at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center for the past couple of years (since the FedEx layoff, right after Ruth was born.) Anyway, we have a gym at work that's free for employees to use, and I've been making an effort to work out more in the mornings before I head into work.

This morning I was using some exercises I learned doing water aerobics at the YMCA back before Ruth was born. An older gentleman swimming in the lane next to me asked me if I was in rehab. :-) I told him that I was just a poor swimmer (I can swim from one end to the other and back, but it's not efficient or even pretty.)

He then said I had the "physique" of a swimmer. No offense, but he must not have seen me before I got into the water. :-P

Anyway, Ruth was sick this weekend. It started with a fever of 104.5 degrees, vomiting, and diarrhea. It was after hours on Friday, so we took her to the urgent care clinic. Fifty dollars and 20 minutes later, they told us that she had a "bug" that was going around. They determined this just by looking at her... they didn't run any tests. They told us to just try and keep her hydrated.

On Saturday morning she appeared to be worse. Luckily, her regular doctor is open from 8am - noon on Saturdays. We took her to the REAL doctor, who ran a test and quickly determined that Ruth had strep throat. She told us that with the antibiotic it should last 72 hours. Had we taken the advice of the urgent care doctor, it likely would have continued for a week and a half.

Things were slow and we had to do some difficult things. Ruth went through 12-14 diapers an hour, and refused to drink any liquids. I actually had to hold her, pinning her arms down and holding her head straight while Alison forced liquids into her with a large eyedropper. It felt like we were torturing her, but the only other alternative was an IV.

Yesterday she was back to feeling really well. Her little voice was hoarse, but she was through with all of the vomiting, etc. Hopefully this morning she'll be back to 100%.


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