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Ruth's Second Birthday
lawson, alison
Ruth's second birthday was this past Saturday. We had family over (two grandparents, three great grandparents, and a great uncle.) We also got to Skype with my sister and brother-in-law who live in West Virginia. Ruth also had a little friend and her mom stop by. We invited three little girls, but the other two happened to be out of town that weekend (something to do with spring break, I think.)

Anyway, we got Ruth a Little Tykes Sand and Water table that turned out to be really high quality. I ordered some kid-safe playground sand, and Ruth LOVED it. She played with it for a couple of hours on her birthday, and I think Alison has gotten it out once again this week. It's so nice to have the return of warm weather!

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Ruth could be a little model with her beautiful coloring!
Looks like a fun sand/water table. :)

Her coloring may be because she's in the shade of an orange umbrella. :-)

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